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JODO - Way of the Stick

Defense against the Japanese Sword

By Michael Bilzer Sensei

Michael Belzer is a lifelong martial artist with over 50 years of experience in a variety of fighting arts achieving his 8th Dan in Danzan Ryu Jujutsu, Advanced Instructor in Serrada Escrima and Gomokuroku in Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu. Michael began his training in Shindo Muso Ryu in 1974 at the age of 18 at the Rembukan Dojo under the 25th Headmaster of the art, Shimizu Takaji in Japan. He continued his training in the art in 1979, in Malaysia when he became a student of Donn F. Draeger, who was the first foreigner ever allowed to study and train in this Classical Martial Art of Japan. In 2008, he met Steven Bellamy-sensei, a Menkyo Kaiden (complete Transmission) of SMR and became his Deshi (personal student) to learn the advanced aspects of the art by making regular trips to Japan.

The Art of the Jo Jodo – “The Way of the Stick” is a traditional Japanese fighting art which uses a 4 ft. staff against a wooden training sword, known as a bokken, in a series of pre-arranged forms known as kata. The jo gained fame in the year 1605 when it was used in a duel, against the most famous swordsman in Japan, Musashi Miyamoto by the founder of Shindo Muso Ryu, Muso Gonnosuke. Musashi suffered his only defeat (in more than 60 contests, often ending in death) as Muso wielded his new weapon, the jo against Musashi’s famous “two sword” style. Over 400 years later, the jo is still being put to practical use today by the Tokyo Riot Police. The police use Shindo Muso Ryu as their training method for the jo. Training with weapons will develop your intensity, power, focus and awareness in ways that empty hand training cannot do. In this seminar/workshop you will learn some of the basic strikes, training drills and kata of jodo. You will also be introduced to the traditional customs, precepts and etiquette of a famous koryu – “old flow” fighting art of Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu.
DVD-em3-702 - $29.95 - ISBN: 8526684215940


Pacific Rim 

Martial Arts of the Pacific Rim


By Michael Bilzer Sensei

Michael began his training at the original Kali Academy located in Torrance, Calif under Guro Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillio in 1979. in 1985 he traveled to the Philippines for a three month training tour with GM Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo. Since 2005 Michael has focused on learning the art of Cabales-Serrada Escrima and earned his Advanced Instructor certification under Guro Khalid Khan.


1. Escrima, also known as Kali or Arnis, is the national fighting art of the Philippines emphasizing a "weapons first" approach, using the single stick, double sticks, stick & knife and a variety of bladed weapons along with empty hand applications.

2. Pentjak Silat is the fighting art of Indonesia which teaches an array of weapons and empty hand applications through the under-standing of Jurus (forms) with a variety of applications from each motion.


3. Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese version of Shaolin Gung Fu which utilizes a combina- tion of punches, kicks, open hand strikes, locks and throws to defeat an assailant.

DVD-em3-703 - $29.95 - ISBN: 8526684216008


Gracie academy   

Blood & Steel
(The Genesis of Mixed Martial Arts)

This documentary reveals, for the first time, facts and historical information

about the origins of MMA that have never been told to the public. With
exclusive interviews with Martial Arts Historians, magazine editors,
journalists, and legendary Martial Arts teachers, the truth about where the MMA
comes from, is finally unveiled.

On October 23rd 1951, the legendary Helio Gracie fought the Japanese Champion
Masahiko Kimura in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This event changed the history of
combat sports. Forty-two years, later in 1993 the first "Ultimate Fighting
Championship", a more refined version of the fights originally known aw "Vale
Tudo" (*no-holds-barred") - took place in Denver. Colorado. Some described it
as the "wildest event in the history of sport fighting"... but before that
night on November 12th, a family name had already been established and their
members were considered as the "toughest fighters in the world." They set the
foundation of blood and steel for what today is known as MIXED MARTIAL ARTS,
the fastest growing sport in the world.

This documentary takes you back to the true origins of the UFC and MMA as we
know them today. The original concept was forged in Brazil, until one man
decided that it was the right time to finally answer the age-old question of
"what is the most effective style of Martial Arts"... and changed the world of
fighting sports forever.

DVD-EM-053 - $29.95 - ISBN-13: 88526684197994

Dennis Alexio 

Professional Karate's Greatest Fights


Alexio vs Al Mim's, Homsey, Kochergin &Salazar


Presented by Bob Wall


Dennis Alexio, One of the world's greatest professional karate fighters (often dressed in his native Hawaiian grass skirt) had an outstanding record of 60-1 "tough ass" attitude in the ring made him one of the most formidable fighters, if not the most formidable, to ever step inside the squared circle. His round house kicks to the head often delivered the "good night" to his opponents, and there was no avoiding his phenomenal power. These devastating high kicks were matched only by his axe-chopping low kicks ti the thigh that were absolutely paralyzing to his opponents. This is a must-watch DVD for any karate aficionado!

DVD-EM-056-1 - $29.95 -ISBN:  6258660236770




GOJUSHIHO Kata & Bunkai
By Kunio Miyake

Shito-ryu Itosu-ha Kata GOJUSHIHO, also pronounced as USEISHI is the representative among the Itosu system kata. Gojushiho consists of unique Kaishu-waza (open hand techniques), and 70% of defensive techniques as the spirit of Karate-ni-sentenashi (karate has no first attack).

DVD-EM-349-8 - $29.95 - ISBN-13: 8526684203064


By Professor James Hundon
The Insane Dance of Pain
(The Art of Discouragement)

James Hundon James Hundon Vol-2 James Hundon vol-3 Drills MASTERCLASS SERIES
Vol-1, 2 & 3 DVD Set
By Professor James Hundon
Vol-1 Includes:
The 10 FInger Locks:
1 - Drop and Lock
2 - Table Top (Palm Press)
3 - Thumb Lock
4 - Finger Drop
5 - Vertical Tower
6 - Horizontal Grooves
7 - The Archer
8 - Run-around
9 - Come to Me
10 - Tea Cup
Vol-2 Includes:
Heal Toe Sway
Pull Step (Female Triangle)
Step and Step
Step and Twist
Pull Step-Step Full Step
Pull Step & Shift Outside
Combination Steps
Vol-3 Includes:
Small Circle Drills,
Footwork and Locks


Shaolin Temple dvds Shi Yanti 
Ancient Ways of the Warrior Monks

6 DVD Set

By Shi Yanti
(Shaolin Monk)


NEW RELEASE 3 Volumes Sets by Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy vol 1 3 dvd set        Patrick McCarthy hanshi vol-2 3 dvd set Patrick MCarthy Vol-3 Bunkai-jutsu

RELEASE Date: August 19th 2016
(9 Discs)

1. Tsuki-naka Kata (3 DVD Set)
Futari-geiko (3 DVD Set)
3. Bunkai-jutsu
(3 DVD Set)
Item Number: em3-052-3-3  ISBN: 8526684201844

Normally Sold at: US $209.97
ALL 3 Sets for ONLY:  US  $167.97

ALL 3 Volumes - 9 Discs
Friday the 19th of August 2016


Jason Inay eskrima 3 set  MASTERCLASS ESKRIMA
Inayan System of Eskrima
Vol-1, 2 & 3
By Suro Jason Inay

Suro Jason Inay, the head of the Inayan System of Eskrima, covers the core of his family system that was passed down to him by his father Great Grand Master Mike Inay (Mangisursuro Inay). The three core styles of the Inayan System of Eskrima are Inayan Serrada Eskrima, Inayan Kadena De Mano Eskrima, and Inayan Largo Mano Eskrima. In this DVD series Inayan Serrada and Inayan Kadena De Mano are introduced with some of their key concepts and principles. Through drills and in depth explanation a fun and exciting presentation of Eskrima will leave you wanting to learn more!

Jason learned from some of the greatest names in the West Coast USA FMA scene, and fortunate to grow up in a family deeply entrenched in the Filipino Martial Art scene at it’s infancy in the US. Starting in the late 1970’s as a child, GM Jason Inay has been teaching since 1992. Jason Inay, the heir to the Inayan Eskrima System legacy has taken his childhood training and ran with it. Teaching all over the US, Western Europe, Middle East, and Asia, he has brought his unique insight into Old School FMA from the West Coast of the US and coupled it with cutting edge teaching methods, while keeping it fun and effective. Suro Jason Inay’s approach to teaching his family traditions is both traditional and modern.

Vol-1 - Kadana De Mano System (Locks and Reversals - Empty Hand Drills & Tacktics).
Vol-2 - Kadena De Mano Escrima System (Empty Hand Knife Locks & Reversals Drills).
Vol-3 - Inayan Serrada Escrima (One blocking Drills, Footwork Skills,Trapping, Clearing Skills, Disarms and Locks Drills).

Item #440 ISBN: 852668420115 -
Available on DVD and Digital Download


San Miguel Escrima vol-1  MASTERCLASS ESCRIMA
The Way of San Miguel Double X Escrima System
By Master Claudio Maurelli

     San Miguel Eskrima is the martial art created to defend the Church from the invasions of Islamic terrorists. In 1890 three Brothers of Saavedra Family (Teodoro, Lorenzo and Federico), formidable Fighters armed with sticks taught the basics of the Art a few students including Filemon "Momoy" Canete and Father Miguel Ortega. Subsequently Momoy Canete devoted himself to teaching in some clubs of Cebu City (philippines) and in some monasteries (San Carlos Seminary) his style of eskrima to which he gave the name of San Miguel Eskrima X System. Father Miguel Ortega likewise devoted himself to teach his art called San Miguel Eskrima Doubli X in her convent of Argaw. Thanks The efforts of these extraordinary fighters (Eskrimadors), the Church was able to form priests to be able to defend Their own monasteries and seminaries from unexpected attacks of Moros groups (Islamic terrorists and robbers). The union of these teachings was born the Way of San Miguel technique carried out by one of the students of those years: Grand Master Albert Dacayana Sr. One of his direct disciples devoted his life not to waste this teaching and this inherits.

     Claudio Maurelli born in a Italian City, Civitavecchia on 09/29/1976 and he is dedicated to the research of traditional Philippine arts and Chinese Arts since he was 14 years old. When he discover the presence of a Real traditional Master of San Miguel Eskrima in Italy, he decided to learn the martial art and the Filipino culture associated with it from Gm Dacayana Sr.. Claudio lived eight years with that Grand Master in Italy and in Cebu City, where he still returns every year to discuss and test other eskrimadors in cebuan districts, where the Eskrima art was born and development later in the world.

     In this first volume the Eskrimador speak about rudiments of one of the main techniques of the Way of San Miguel Eskrima, illustrating footwork step by step and his GM Dacayana Alberto SR even some "Tinago" or techniques used by the cebuan priests, many years ago to win in a few seconds the invaders. Its the first DVD of the series suitable for anyone who wants to know the history, techniques and training methods The art of the Priests of Cebu City and Argaw. The Way of San Miguel Eskrima.Escrima Club Dax International.

Item: em-436 US $29.99 ISBN: 8526684201080


Serrada Escrima Legacy 4 hawaii SERRADA ESCRIMA
2016 ESCRIMA Seminar - Hawaii
(4 DVD Set - 4hr)
Hosted by Darren Tibon (Serrada Escrima)

Oahu Hawaii. A historical event of Escrima Grandmasters and Masters gathered at one event to pay respect to the founders of Escrima Grandmasters and share their teachings for a common cause of unifying Pilipino Martial Arts. This was the fourth event of inspiration for Escrima practitioners to experience the rich flavors of Filipino Martial Arts.

Grandmaster Darren Tibon - Serrada Escrima
Master Joel Juanitas - Giron, Bahala Na Escrima
Grandmaster Mike Delmar - Del Mar School
Grandmasters Gary & Leslie Largo - Derobio Escrima
Maestro Benjamin Mamuad - Orlando System
Tuhan Marc Behic - Pulahan Mandirigma Kapolei
Master Claudio Maurelli - San Miguel Y Abanico
Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal - JKDAA
Master David Ducay - Kajukenbo Escrima

This 10 hour seminar event has been edited to a 4 hour (Collector’s Edition Set) of compacted instructional content that is a one of a kind experience.

Item number em3-DVD-435  ISBN: 8526684200854


Sifu Harinder Singh

3 HANDS DEEP (Wing Chun)

Wing Chun Talking Hands 
By Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal 
(Vol-1-2-3)  3 DVD Set
Sifu Singh is a descendant of an unbroken lineage of masters, He has spent years 
studying with masters and eating the bitter pill, training and teaching so he can pass 
on the ancient arts to a modern, cutting edge audience. His science of movement, 
fighting, wellness, and strategy is an evolution of a global journey spanning continents 
and cultures. It culminates in the present system which he teaches to Navy SEALS, U.S. Secret Service, SWAT Commanders and Police Captains, executives, FBI, CIA, CEO's, 
DEA, professional athletes, elite law enforcement personnel throughout the United 
States, as well as other foreign and domestic military and intelligence agencies.

Vol 1 - Concepts, Principles, & Structures
Vol 2 - Speed, Timing & Reflex Development
Vol 3 - Wing Chun Structure Adapted to Grappling & Kicking
Item #370 ISBN: 8526684199738
Available on DVD and Digital Download

Sifu Harinder vol-4-5 Wing Chun - ENERGY DRILLS
(Vol-4&5) 2 DVD Set

By Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal 

Sifu Singh is a descendant of an unbroken lineage of masters, He has spent years 
studying with masters and eating the bitter pill, training and teaching so he can pass 
on the ancient arts to a modern, cutting edge audience. His science of movement, 
fighting, wellness, and strategy is an evolution of a global journey spanning continents 
and cultures. It culminates in the present system which he teaches to Navy SEALS,U.S.
Secret Service, SWAT Commanders and Police Captains, executives, FBI, CIA, CEO's, 
DEA, professional athletes, elite law enforcement personnel throughout the United 
States, as well as other foreign and domestic military and intelligence agencies.
Vol 4 & 5 - Energy Drills to develop Sensitivity and Adaptability

Item #371 ISBN: 8526684199974 Available on DVD and Digital Download
Available on DVD and Digital Download

Kunio Miyake


By Kunio Miyake

Kūsankū or Kūshankū, also known as Kwang Shang Fu, was a Chinese martial artist who lived during the 18th century. He is credited as having an influence on virtually all karate-derived martial arts. Kūsankū learned the art of Ch'uan Fa in China from a Shaolin monk. He was thought to have resided (and possibly studied martial arts) in the Fukien province for much of his life. Around 1756, Kūsankū was sent to Okinawa as an ambassador of the Qing Dynasty. He resided in the village of Kanemura, near Naha City. During his stay in Okinawa, Kūsankū instructed Kanga Sakukawa. Sakugawa trained under Kūsankū for six years. After Kūsankū's death (around 1762), Sakugawa developed and named the Kusanku kata in honor of his teacher.


DVD-EM-349-6 - $29.95 - ISBN-13: 852668419607

superrinpe kata


By Kunio Miyake

SUPARRIMPE also known as Pechurin (Bechurin) is the most advanced kata among the Higaonna Kata system. Under Kanryo Higaonna, there were the two highest students named Chojun Miyagi and Kenwa Mabuni, later they became the Founders of Goju-ryu and Shito-ryu. Since then Suparrinpe has been taught by both of these dojos.

DVD-EM-349-7 - $29.95 - ISBN-13: 852668419591

Patrick McCarthy karate Patrick McCarthy 7 DVD Set

7 DVD set by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy:
Unsettled Matters #1, Unsettled Matters #2, Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, Bubishi Ni Pai, Bubishi Happoren, The Weaponless Warrior Seminar, The Okinawan Karate Secrets Seminar.

Delivered in a fashion that only Hanshi McCarthy can do with his eloquent speech and flare for entertainment and all while his knowledge is second to none.

He certainly is one of the most valid and knowledgeable instructors of our time and this series will have you thinking and re thinking plus training much different in the future.



 Machida karate MMA Patrick McCarthy karate  legacy escrima seminar 3  Simple Judo by Hayward Nishioka    Mikio Yahara  Michelle Manu
Tony Annesi   Serrada Escrima Legacy 4 hawaii  Sifu Harinder Singh  Sifu Harinder vol-4-5  pakamut




jodo Pacific Rim Jason Inay eskrima 3 set San Miguel Escrima vol-1 Serrada Escrima Legacy 4 hawaii pakamut

  Tony SOmera dvd 10 11 12 3 dvd set
        marc lawrence escrima 123  sandokan knofe techniques
   serrada_escrima_legacy_seminar_2013  Serrada escrima legacy 2 queen mary seminar 2013  legacy escrima seminar 3 

kimura 2 Bob Anderson 2 Aikido

Kunio Miyake   superrinpe kata  Machida karate MMA Patrick McCarthy karate
Shotokan Masterclass 6 dvd set serries Kunio Miyake Shito Ryu Katas 5 dvd set Kuneo Miyake KOZUSHI
robert temple kenpo frank trejo fusion kenpo michael berger jerry figgiani karate kavin
Mikio Yahara Chinzo Machida dvd Koshi   Tak Kubota Fumio Demura
    1972 World Karate Do Championship     
jodo Pacific Rim



jeff hall  kubotan dvd  marc lawrence escrima 123  sandokan knofe techniques  852

jo boken sword  

jodo Pacific Rim Tak Kubota Fumio Demura  jeff hall hojojutsu Michelle Manu



Maui Thay1



Sifu Harinder Singh  Sifu Harinder vol-4-5
Samuel kwok all 3 Advanced   Baat Cham Dao Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Butterfly Swords Samuel Kwok Pole Wing Chun Samuel Kwok
Robert Chu revat
Hun Gar dvd set chi_kung_vol_1 chi_kung_vol_2 chi_kung_vol_1


Martial Art Fitness 
yoga 123  kavin



Samel Kwok special 7 dvd set 20% discount  Giron Escrima Tony Somera    Shaolin 
10 swlf defense   20 BJJ Special

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